Homeowners Insurance

Your home is probably your most valuable asset, not just in monetary terms but also sentimentally. Statz Agency will find the right company to cover you in the event of a claim. Some of the most common claims are dog bites, fire, theft, vandalism, etc

Damage to your home can be life shattering, we will make sure you are with the Right company, with the Right rates, and the Right quality service!

Please not if your home is a rental or unoccupied, you will need a different type of policy called a “specialty dwelling policy”.

It is very important to understand no 2 policies are exactly alike and if you are not using an independent broker, like Statz Agency, you may not be getting the best coverage for your needs and budget!

Homeowner Coverage includes:

    • Dwelling
    • Other Structures (not permanently attached to your house)
    • Personal Property
    • Loss of Use
    • Medical Expenses
    • Family/Personal Liability
    • Scheduled Personal Property (collectibles, guns, jewelry, etc.)

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